BUKIT LANJAN: Cops must buck up in efforts to enhance its image as a competent force

BUKIT LANJAN: Cops must buck up in efforts to enhance its image as a competent force

In today’s digital world where Information Communications Technology (ICT) has made news and information or even misinformation borderless and lightning fast, perception is a very powerful weapon of sorts.

Perception can bring about success or it can also be super destructive.

“It is, therefore, important and urgent for our Polis di-Raja Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police Force) to treat the perception status of the force seriously and give it more attention,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

He said the majority of Malaysians “are already complaining about rising crime rates and expressing concerns for public safety”.

“Now, even this sentiment is being shared internationally,” he added.

“Whether the concerns are real, imaginary or inaccurate, the negative perception must be corrected or reversed.

“All sorts of statistics are being bandied about domestically and internationally. But both are equally damaging to Malaysia’s image as a choice destination for tourists and investors,” Syed Razak said.
Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said the police force had no other options but to take corrective measures to overcome the negative perception stigma.

“Competency can also fall prey to negative perception. It is, therefore, a necessity for the police force to come up with a solid strategy to win back the confidence of Malaysians and foreigners.

“This means, it is just not enough for the police to only go about highlighting successes. They must also be seen truly succeeding in the perception index.

“ICT and social media has made the perception index that much more important than reality. Perhaps, it is time for the police force to have a separate department handling this matter full time,” he added.

“Malaysians sure hope the statistics bandied about domestically and internationally are inaccurate. If it is accurate, then the police force has much to think about their crime-prevention and crime-fighting strategies,” Syed Razak said.

Malaysia Ranks Number 1 In South East Asia For Highest Crime Rate

ByWorld Of Buzz

Posted on January 12, 2017 5.5k SHARES

I’m sure everyone isn’t too surprised that Malaysia has once again taken the top spot for an international rank (and not the good kind either).

In the 2016 crime index by Numbeo, numbers have shown that Malaysia is ranked at a jaw-dropping top 15th in WORLD. That’s a really unbelievable number considering they compiled data from over 118 countries in the world! Source: Numbeo

This is very concerning as Malaysia, which is a developing nation, sits on the top of the ranks alongside most third world countries.

So what does this say about our nation?

When narrowed down to the South-Eastern Asia region, Malaysia is number 1 on the list!

With a crime index of 65.56, Bolehland takes top place, “ahead” of countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia which have significantly lower indices from us at 53.45, 52.72 and 52.16 respectively.

Unsurprisingly, our neighbour Singapore takes last spot with a meagre index of 16.49 in SEA, while they perch at the second last in the world rankings.

In a 2016 Crime and Safety Report by OSAC (United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security), it’s described that petty crime is fairly common in Malaysia.

“There continued to be a noticeable increase in crime, including several reported assaults and robberies, sometimes involving weapons.” – OSAC

The report further details that purse snatching incidents are one of the most common crimes in the country. “These types of thefts can occur at all hours and often in front of large groups of witnesses, even in upscale neighborhoods frequented by expatriates. Women walking by themselves or with small children are the most common targets, but men walking/jogging alone have also been targeted.”

Other crimes that are highlighted are violent crimes by taxi drivers against foreign tourists and local residents, credit card fraud, residential break-ins and prostitution. With the escalating number of crime in Malaysia, it’s really worrisome that there has been no significant measures to curb them. Syukur Malaysia masih aman, right?

Read more at WOB: http://www.worldofbuzz.com/malaysia-ranks-number-1-south-east-asia-highest-crime-rate/"



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