BUKIT LANJAN: Pek Moh Bukit Lanjan wishes Malaysians a happy and blessed Easter 2017

BUKIT LANJAN: Pek Moh Bukit Lanjan wishes Malaysians a happy and blessed Easter 2017

Let the diverse ethnicity and religions in Malaysia be the strength of national unity and good neigbourliness, not a source of divisiveness.

Respect for one another’s religion and culture is the foundation of a truly 1Malaysia. And, I wish to reaffirm my stand that ‘I Am Malaysian First’ because my loyalty is to my country – MALAYSIA.

With that, I wish Malaysian celebrants A Blessed Good Friday and A Happy & Blessed Easter Sunday 2017.



  1. Indeed a truly Malaysian gesture to wish everyone. Traditions are observed to indicate our diverse practices.

    That in itself is a wonderful kaleidoscope of beliefs and respect for human life.

    We hope for a better and brighter Malaysia for all. No one should be denied basking in the Malaysian Sun of Prosperity, Peace and Happiness.

    So called leaders who preach divisiveness must be politically culled. There is no room for ideologies that divide our people.No amount of tolerance must be given to 'hate preachers' who use the pulpits to dominate mindsets, tantamount to holding ransom our freedom of religion.

    Peace Be With All Malaysians. Happy and Blessed Easter as how Pek Moh wishes All Malaysians.


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