BUKIT LANJAN: Let’s shame the selfish, uncaring morons

Your car very big ah! You very big shot eh! Abuse of accessible parking at The Gardens Mid Valley – November 13, 2010, 10.04 pm.
 BUKIT LANJAN: Let’s shame the selfish, uncaring morons

Car park lots reserved for OKUs (Orang Kurang Keupayaan/Disabled People) are provided for a very valid reason and a civil and educated society should support and uphold efforts to help the disabled.

“Only uncivilised and uneducated morons will deny the use of such facilities provided for the disabled,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

As part of my political mission, as stated in this blog, “it is my hope to drive Bukit Lanjan into a role-model neighbourhood community”.

“And let us all unite and put in this little effort to help champion the cause of the disabled. Let’s shame the selfish and uncaring morons who abuse facilities for the disabled.

“Most of us carry handphones with camera and video features. So, let all Bukit Lanjan folks snap pictures or shoot video clips of any vehicle that does not have the OKU stickers on their car windscreen found parked in OKU car park lots.

“Then share on Facebook with their vehicle registration plates clearly visible in the pictures or video clips. We will also try to push for enforcement action, like the police and local government authorities.

“By right, the police and local government authorities should not hesitate to support the cause of OKUs,” he added.

Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Elction (GE14), said “we must all unite to help forward Bukit Lanjan as a caring, progressive and prosperous neighbourhood society or community”.

“This will help transform Bukit Lanjan into quality neigbourhood communities. On fighting crime and public safety, we can also help by doing the same with our handphones and, via this blog or my Facebook, I can help report to the relevant authorities,” he added.

Here is what the Damai Disabled People Association has to lament about their plight:

"Abuse of OKU parking lots goes on unabated

Noel Achariam

December 10, 2016

People carrying OKU passengers are also illegally using these reserved lots, says Damai Disabled People Association president V Murugeswaran.

PETALING JAYA: Public abuse of designated parking spots for the disabled (OKU) has to stop, says Damai Disabled People Association president V Murugeswaran.

He said the uncaring attitude of the public was a cause for concern.

“The OKU parking bays are meant for the wheelchair-bound but they are frequently abused by the public.

“It looks like they are not bothered that they are inconveniencing the OKU,” he told FMT.

Murugeswaran, who is wheelchair-bound, said there were incidents of the disabled having to drive around in circles looking for a parking bay.

“Most of the OKU parking lots are situated close to the banks, clinics and other amenities.

“When the OKU don’t get to park at the OKU lots, they have to look for other places to park.

“There were incidents where they get caught in the rain because they had to park a distance from where they are headed.”

Murugeswaran said the local councils should regularly remove the illegal stickers plastered on the parking signboards.

“Sometimes, the OKU do not know where to park as the signs are covered by stickers.

“We are frustrated with the authorities and I have received numerous complaints from our members.”

Malaysia Spinal Injury Association secretary Jeyaraj Santraju, who is also wheelchair-bound, said food vendor vans were also parking at OKU parking lots.

“The vendors also place their chairs on the next lot for customers. This usually happens at night.

“They are taking advantage of the space meant for the OKU to do their business.”

Jayaraj said enforcement officers should patrol the OKU parking at least once every hour to prevent the public as well as motorcyclists from using the OKU parking bays

“Those driving their disabled friend or family members are also parking at OKU lots.

“This shouldn’t happen as the lots are meant only for disabled drivers.

“Their excuse is that they are carrying an OKU person. They should drop the person off and then park at a regular parking bay.”

Jayaraj, who recently authored the book “Guidance of Wheelchair Bound”, hopes that regular enforcement would be able to curb the illegal parking at OKU lots. - FMT"



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