BUKIT LANJAN: Wishing Malaysians a Happy and Blessed Wesak Day

BUKIT LANJAN: Wishing Malaysians a Happy and Blessed Wesak Day

As millions of Buddhists all over the world celebrate Wesak Day, lets hope Malaysians will pray not only for their personal blessings, but also continuous harmony and progress of the country.

Wesak Day is officially recognised by the United Nations (UN) as a holiday that celebrates the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

The UN celebrates with Buddhist organisations and communities worldwide. Celebrations include:

> Cultural performances featuring song and dance;

> Plays about Buddha’s life and teachings; and

> Public messages given by religious and community leaders.

The celebrants adorn Buddhist temples with decorations and flowers with others organising acts of charity, like releasing caged animals or donating food and gifts to the poor.

Have a Happy and Blessed Wesak Day!

Banners strung up by Syed Razak in various locations in Bukit Lanjan to greet Malaysians a Happy and Blessed Wesak Day:

Bandar Sri Damansara main entrance

Bandar Sri Damansara entrance from LDP

Sri Damansara Industrial
Damansara Damai (Lestari Apartments)

Ikea Mutiara Damansara

Damansara Perdana in front of Emkay Land Office

Empire Damansara next to LHDN Damansara Perdana

Desa Jaya (next to BHP)

Desa Jaya main entrance
 Mutiara Damansara (in front of police station)
 Bandar Utama (Sony Bridge)
Bandar Utama (Puay Chai)



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