BUKIT LANJAN: Believe it or not, there are countries that don’t welcome tourists!

Does Tourism Contribute Significantly to the Malaysian Economy?
Malaysia is well endowed with abundance of natural resources particularly suitable for sustainable tourism. Tourism industry maintains its sustainability through its economic viability. Increasing attention has been given by the Malaysian government to develop sustainable tourism as an alternative source of foreign exchange to remedy the balance of payment deficit during 1980’s. Tourist expenditure is not only contributing significantly to the direct tourism related sectors but also generating ripple effects on other sectors of the economy. Thus, tourism stimulates the economic progress of developing economies and its importance is gaining widespread recognition. Unlike many developing nations, tourism industry is now considered as one of the important engines of development for the Malaysian economy receiving vital focus in the government’s industrial strategy. The development allocation for this industry has been increasing over the years. It has been increased from RM605.5 million in the 7th Malaysian plan to RM1009.0 million in the 8th Malaysian plan period, experiences 60% increase in its allocation (EPU, 2001). In the 9th Malaysian plan period, the allocation reached to RM1367.0 million (EPU, 2006).

BUKIT LANJAN: Believe it or not, there are countries that don’t welcome tourists!

How important is the tourism industry to any country?

It cannot be denied that the tourism industry can contribute significantly to a country’s revenue.

“For Malaysia, the tourism industry is already touted as the No. 2 revenue earner for the country,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

It is therefore incumbent on the federal government, Syed Razak said, to ensure that tourism services and products “continue to evolve, improve and innovate to remain globally sustainable and competitive,” he added.

“Tourism services and products are not the considerations when foreign holidaymakers decide where they want to tour. The country’s public safety is also likely to feature high in their plans,” he added.

Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said Malaysia’s multi-racial multi-religious feature was a strong tourist attraction.

“The multi factors have resulted in plenty of food recipes, an abundant international choice of food for all. This is one of the biggest tourist attraction,” he added.

Syed Razak said the federtal government must, therefore, continue to defend and uphold national harmony and unity to ensure Malaysia continues to attract tourists.

However, there are some 10 countries which do not welcome tourists or place little importance to tourism as a revenue earner. Here’s that report:


10 Countries That Don’t Want You To Visit

Tourism can be an economic gold mine when approached properly, and most countries around the world have embraced visitors with open arms. However, there are several places across the globe who decided that they were better without the masses of newcomers: here are 10 countries that have closed their doors to Americans and many other nations around the world.

1) Saudi Arabia

requires all visitors to be sponsored by a legal resident or citizen. Even if you’re sponsored properly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll then be awarded a visa as the application process is highly selective.

2) Iran
Iran doesn’t even have an American Embassy anymore, thanks to the tense Iran hostage situation that occurred there in 1979. If you are able to secure an Iranian visa through the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C., you will need to show that you’re traveling with a tour group.

3) North Korea
North Korea requires all visitors to book a full package tour before visiting. During your visit, you’ll be required to stay with your guides the entire time. The lack of North Korean embassy in the U.S. means you’ll need to travel to China before booking a tour.

4) Syria
Syria is in the midst of conflict, but if that doesn’t deter you, the nearly impossible-to-get visa might. Since each visa has to be approved through a complex process, potential visitors face an indefinite wait to be approved or declined.

5) Cuba
The relationship between Cuba and the United States is relaxing slightly, but the current travel regulations still don’t allow anyone looking for a a good Cuban sandwich and a Caribbean beach to book a flight. Unless you can prove that you’re in Cuba for one of the official reasons, you’ll have to wait longer to visit.

6) Somalia
Somalia is known for the vast number of pirates roaming the seas around it, which should be a good reason not to go. Even if you make it past the pirates, you’ll need a sponsor and an invitation to visit the country.

7) Angola
If Angola is on your must-visit list, you’ll need to be okay with some serious expenditure before you even find out if you can go. Before you can apply for a visa, you’ll need to pay the application fee and invitation fee, then book plane tickets and hotel stays.

8) Central African Republic
As of 2014, the Central African Republic has no American Embassy, and all U.S. visitors must apply through the French Embassy. Add in the fact that the borders of the CAR are extremely restricted (and closed on the side where Chad-CAR border), and you’ve got one place that doesn’t want to see any American citizens.

9) Libya
Lybia and the U.S. have been at odds for most of the 21st century, and, the U.S. Embassy closed there in 2014. Without a visa, Americans have few ways to visit this warn torn country–and that’s probably for the best because of the anti-U.S. sentiment and high crime rates.

10) Algeria
Algeria is another country that wants visitors to showcase their ability to pay for their trip before they arrive. First, book your hotel, then receive a certification of accommodation. Once you have that, you’ll have to communicate with a local travel agency to secure an invitation. Then, you can apply for the visa. - http://boredarticles.com"



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