BUKIT LANJAN: United we stand, divided we fall!

Part of the 1,260-people Phor Thor dinner in SJK (C) Desa Jaya in Kepong
 BUKIT LANJAN: United we stand, divided we fall!

Although Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, the Federal Constitution also guarantees freedom of religion and practice.

As a multi-racial multi-religious nation, racial and religious harmony is of utmost importance for Malaysia to remain peaceful and united.

“This is why I am making an effort to attend this (Chinese) Phor Thor (Hungry Ghost Festival) annual dinner in Taman Desa to help forge community and national harmony,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

Speaking on the sidelines at the Perayaan Zhong Yuan Desa Jaya Kuala Lumpur & Selangor 126-table dinner in SJK(C) Desa Jaya, Kepong on Sept 19, 2017, Syed Razak said the sluggish global economy had made it even that much more challenging for Malaysians and Malaysia.

“We can only overcome the obstacles and challenges by working together as 1Malaysians, not race or religion. Let’s not mix race, religion and culture with politics or economic interests,” he added.

(Left) Subang Gerakan chairman Chong Chee Yen is in stitches with Syed Razak at the Phor Thor annual dinner.
Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said “we must all subscribe to the idiom that “united we stand, divided we fall”.

“And the only way forward for Malaysia is for Malaysians to help contribute to nation-building by remaining united. This means we must help forge and strengthen national unity and harmony,”he added.

Here’s a selection of pictures at the dinner:



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