BUKIT LANJAN: Even Toyota admits it lags in EVs!

When Mutsuro Yuji, chief of the central sewage plant in this southern Japanese city, first heard about the idea of making hydrogen from biogas - the combination of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the breakdown of organic matter - he was skeptical. "I thought it was a joke," he said.But after a $12 million investment from Japan's government, plus research, engineering, design and building work by Mitsubishi, Toyota and Kyushu University, Yuji is no longer laughing. Starting late last year, drivers of vehicles like the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity have been able to drive up to the sewage plant and power up their hydrogen fuel cell cars. – FINANCIAL REVIEW
 BUKIT LANJAN: Even Toyota admits it lags in EVs!

The Star Online posted a Reuters news report titled “Toyota president says will continue to make variety of vehicle types”.

The news report contained only four paragraphs but two paragraphs were invaluable reality-revealing quotes from Toyota Motor Corp president Akio Toyoda.

“In one quote, Toyoda admits Toyota is a bit late in the game of manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs),” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

“In another quote, he said Toyota would not be considering focusing solely on EVs,”he added.

Syed Razak said it took a great corporate leader to admit globally that his or her company “is behind others in terms of new technology”.

However, Syed Razak said, the second quote was both perplexing and confusing”.

“For a conglomerate like Toyota, one would expect it to redouble its efforts to achieve better results in EV technology. Instead, Toyoda says Toyota will continue to focus on powertrains that focus on improving ‘old’ technology - hybrid technology, including fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrids.

“One suspects that Toyoda is not telling all. Toyota may have a ‘secret weapon’ (technology). Hydrogen, solar or air-powered cars?” he asked.

Which is better: Japan’s Hydrogen car or China’s battery drive? – TECHNOLOGY VISTA
Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said the short news report had an important message or revelation for Malaysians and Proton.

“That the federal government’s decision to have Proton go into a joint-venture (JV) with China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd (Geely) is absolutely spot on.

“China is today arguably a leader in EV manufacturing and technology. We can hope for Proton to grow with Geely and China’s technology,” he added.

Here’s that short Reuters' report posted by The Star Online that you may have missed or did not notice:

"Toyota president says will continue to make variety of vehicle types

Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017
3:09 PM MYT

TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp president Akio Toyoda on Tuesday said his company would continue to make a variety of vehicle types available to customers, even as tighter global regulations are prompting automakers to develop more electric vehicles.

“EVs (electric vehicles) are in focus at the moment but customers and the market will ultimately decide which powertrains will be successful,” he said at an event to launch a new line of sports cars.

“Toyota will continue to focus on powertrains that focus on hybrid technology, including fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrids and - although we were a bit late to the game - EVs.”

He also said Toyota was not considering focusing solely on EVs. – Reuters



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