BUKIT LANJAN: Now everyone can afford to be chaeuffered with minimal costs and zero petrol!

Wholly Self-Driving Cars Closer than You Think
The autonomous car concept has been a hot topic this year, as more and more people realize that it is something that could hit the market next year if manufacturers believe autonomous models will sale enough. An interview with Joe Mosier from Adsit gave insight on the market outlining the various interest groups regarding autonomous cars and his personal experience with Mercedes “puritans” who are likely to never give up their control of the road. When self-driving cars made waves several years ago, they seemed like a very far off type of fantasy. Well, companies like Tesla and Mercedes, BMW and others have made quantum jumps in technology and safety towards the end goal of an autonomous vehicle … for more, go to https://www.adsitco.com/mercedes-ever-nearing-future-autonomous-cars/

BUKIT LANJAN: Now everyone can afford to be chaeuffered with minimal costs and zero petrol!

Autonomous electric vehicles (EV) … mmm … now everyone can afford to be chaeuffered with minimal costs and zero petrol!

The Star Online posted a news report titled “Autonomous cars likely to transport elderly, children in future”.

“I beg your pardon! I don’t agree. It will transport everyone, including workers,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

“For children, they can be chaeuffered to school daily. For the elderly, they can go anywhere without having to beg for a lift from their children or anyone.

“And for workers, they can sit in their car continue with their work in cyberspace without a car for the traffic jams,” he added.

Image copyrightBAIDUImage captionBaidu has been developing an artificial intelligence system to help its driverless cars navigate
Chinese city Wuhu embraces driverless vehicles
16 May 2016
Chinese hi-tech firm Baidu has unveiled a plan to let driverless vehicles range freely around an entire city. The five-year plan will see the autonomous cars, vans and buses slowly introduced to the eastern city of Wuhu. Initially no passengers will be carried by the vehicles as the technology to control them is refined via journeys along designated test zones … for more, go to http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36301911

Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said the downside of the superior motoring technology “is that more people would be dependent on using their own transport for a more convenient way to commute”.

“Whatever, for Malaysians, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-fitted EVs remains just a dream in Malaysia. The federal government has yet to even embrace EVs,” he added.

And for those who argue that AI-EVs would not be affordable, don’t fret … China will slowly but surely dominate the global motor industry with affordable AI-EVs!

Here’s The Star Online tech news report for you to chew on:

"Autonomous cars likely to transport elderly, children in future
Monday, 20 Nov 2017
11:00 AM MYT
by mark phelan

Most forecasts say that totally autonomous vehicles won't be widespread until around 2030, but the technology's early steps are already showing what's possible. — AFP Relaxnews 
Self-driving cars will change millions of people's lives for the better by providing independence and mobility to those who can't drive because of physical limitations or age. The technology will allow more people to live on their own terms and participate in what the most of us consider everyday life.

"Autonomy promises better mobility and safety for more people at a lower cost," Larry Burns, retired General Motors chief of R&D and strategic planning, writes in the first issue of Autonomous Vehicle Engineering, a new publication by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Autonomous vehicles could also lead to greater demand for vehicles, as the population of people who can use them expands from those of driving age to virtually anybody who can use an app.

Like phone companies before the iPhone was introduced, automakers are living through the last moments before their industry changes fundamentally and forever.

"Autonomy is good for society. It will extend the time of driving and independent living for the largest generation ever: the baby boom," Noble said. "The technology aligns perfectly with our demographic needs. Baby boomers had to take the keys when their parents could no longer drive. Autonomy allows them to postpone that moment in their own lives, and extends their working life."

Most forecasts say that totally autonomous vehicles won't be widespread until around 2030, but the technology's early steps are already showing what's possible. General Motors' Cadillac Super Cruise does nearly all the driving on limited access highways, where there are no intersections or traffic lights. Self-driving taxi service Voyage operates autonomous Ford Fusions in the Villages, a retirement community near San Jose, Calif. Real estate developer Bedrock has tested autonomous employee shuttles employees in downtown Detroit.

It's easier to provide autonomy in limited areas like a gated community or around a downtown office area, because there are fewer variables to deal with.

"The technology is ideal for areas that are digitally mapped in detail," said Joe Phillippi, principal of Autotrends Consulting. "It will take time for autonomy to penetrate into the deep suburbs and countryside."

The way automakers sell and service vehicles will change, too. Ride-sharing, in which people summon a vehicle when they need it, could keep vehicles in service for more hours every day than single-owner personal vehicles.

"There's an opportunity for the number of vehicles on the road to stay the same or increase as we open up the number of people who can use them" IHS Markit senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said.

Suddenly everybody from a six-year-old being shuttled to Cub Scouts to my 94-year-old mother is a potential customer.

"Car will be used for more hours every day," Brinley said. "They'll wear out faster and need repairs and replacement more frequently." — Detroit Free Press/Tribune News Service



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