BUKIT LANJAN: Days of children playing marbles gone extinct, they are becoming e-zombies

As we all know, these types of traditional games that I've already mentioned in this entry (Types of Games) had existed for ages but today, we can see that the existence of it starting to fade away. People tend to less care on something which is more far important. As for that, there are more than words to describe why we need to preserve these traditional games. First of all, the traditional games was believe exist due to many folklore from those past days. The variety of folklore had make it more interesting and making people back days to believe the true story behind it while at the same time they try to capture the attention of the people so that they wanted to play the games. So, because of this unique way of getting people to know about the traditional games, we as the new generation of these days need to preserved the traditional games that have been around for such a long time. We need to keep and preserved the originality value of the accompanying stories and folklore behind it as Malay culture is very famous with many kind of stories and folklore to make the existence of the very unique traditional games … for more, go to http://traditionalgamesinmalaysia.blogspot.my/p/values-applied_19.html

BUKIT LANJAN: Days of children playing marbles gone extinct, they are becoming e-zombies

Remember the days when children were interacting physically and healthily, playing marbles and all that is innocent?

Those days are gone. Today, it is all about electronic games and gadgets, and the influence on children is worsening by the day with technology advancement and new games.

“The more games are designed and programmed, the more addicted children become,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

He said there were pros and cons for new technology and all that’s new but the social values of the young “are depreciating fast”.

“They are too engrossed with e-games that they don’t realise they have become anti-socials,” he added.

Syed Razak said there was no way to stop the progress of science and technology but “parents need to pay more attention to the influence of technology on their children’s behavior and lifestyle”.

“There is no doubt children today are being distracted by electronic gadgets and technology, dictating too much of their focus and time which should have been spent on their basic education to acquire knowledge,” he added.

Sara Lynn Hua | June 02, 2015
Yesterday was China’s Children’s Day, a holiday specifically for children. As we’ve mentioned before, there are some cultural differences in how Chinese children are raised, especially on being conditioned not to say “I love you” or being raised under extremely strict parents. However, another cultural difference is the games and toys that children (and adults!) play with in China. While iPads, Gameboys and Playstations are all the rage now, they usually aren’t allowed in many school yards. These items are also not available to kids and teenagers in many rural districts. So, what games do the kids in China play in their spare time? We’ve compiled a list of traditional Chinese toys and games … for more, go to http://blog.tutorming.com/expats/traditional-chinese-toys-games-children

Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Election (GE14), said the social values of physical interaction of the young had deteriorated.

“They have been spending too much time in cyberspace and e-games that they are alien to community and social interactions.

“Parents in this digital age must spend more time ensuring that their children are not consumed by the digital world,” he added.

Here’s what was posted by The Star Online on the mammoth growing sales of PCs and mobiles in SEA:

"South-East Asia: PC and mobile doubling to US$4.4bil – report

Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017
6:00 AM MYT

Teams competing during the Overwatch World Cup Final at BlizzCon 2017 at Anaheim Convention Centre on Nov 3, 2017 in Anaheim, California. Games intended for use at professional-level competitive tournaments are expected to push increases in South-East Asian revenue, according to a new report. — AFP

Esports titles are to drive videogaming over the next few years in South-East Asia, as one analyst firm predicts total revenue for 2017 at US$2.2bil (RM9.29bil) and a 2021 figure of US$4.4bil (RM18.59bil).

Games intended for use at professional-level competitive tournaments are expected to push increases in South-East Asian revenue, according to a new report.

They are viewed as "the primary driver for the explosive growth in PC online games," according to Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners, whose five-year forecast was previewed by VentureBeat.

New hit international games and mobile games that offer experiences similar to key PC titles are also credited for the expected rise.

The latest title from Californian StarCraft II studio Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch, is gearing up for the launch of its first top-level international league season in 2018, while PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, developed in South Korea, has been positioning itself as an eSports contender-in-waiting.

Both Dota 2 and League of Legends are part of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, which pits two teams against each other in a tactical battle of wits and skill, and mobile iterations on the MOBA format are "a major contributor to mobile eSports," said Hanson, with Niko's summary highlighting Arena of Valor (known as King of Glory in China). 

And while revenue from mobile games is to surpass that of PC games in 2018, Niko views mobile and PC gaming as complementary rather than competitive, noted VB. — AFP Relaxnews



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