BUKIT LANJAN: I am a rational Malaysian First! Are you?

BUKIT LANJAN: I am a rational Malaysian First! Are you?

Hello fellow Malaysians in N.37 Bukit Lanjan, Selangor.

Something is happening in Malaysia and also particularly in Bukit Lanjan right now.

There is a wind of change but is it for better or for worse?

Please don’t be emotional and quick in making decisions. Decisions need to be made rationally.

In this 14th General Election (GE14), Malaysians seem to have made their “flavour of the day or month” known by turning out in droves to attend GE14 public rallies staged by Pakatan Harapan (PH) featuring their top guns - especially former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

I acknowledge and agree that every Malaysian, aged 21 and above and have registered as a voter, has the right to choose their leaders.

But that right is flawed if decisions are made irrationally.

Let me keep what I want to say as simple as possible:

1. We elect leaders to represent us as assemblymen and Members of Parliament (MPs). Have you given much thought about this? There is a very distinct difference in the functions and responsibilities of the two elected representatives. National and federal matters are handled by Parliamentarians while local community needs are governed by state assemblymen. The efficiency of municipal and local governments are, therefore, the key to a higher level quality of life. This is where voters need to elect assemblymen who are sincere and committed to serve their constituents.

2. Are we voting for parties, coalitions or individuals? May I stress that it is the individuals who make up political parties and coalitions. So, if the majority of individuals in a party or coalition are good apples, then the collective decisions made by the majority are naturally also good for the rakyat (people). Likewise, if the majority of the elected individuals are bad apples, you also naturally get bad governance. However, there is also the need for check and balance, and that can only be guaranteed by having elected good and sincere individuals as elected representatives from both sides of the political divide.

Change is a constant but it must always be for the better.

Old debates and negative politics that we have seen since GE12 must stop and make way for good governance - only possible if /when elected representatives stop all politicking after GE14 and focus on governing - drawing and implementing new socio-economic policies and plans to forward Malaysians and Malaysia in the 21st Century digital era.

It’s an extremely challenging and competitive era, both domestically and globally, and there is no more time to waste on politics of hate and destruction.

To continue to do so, like after GE12 and GE13, will be fatal to the future of Malaysians and Malaysia, with our neighbours and Southeast Asia nations fast overtaking us in socio-economic growth and development.

Thank you all for hearing me out.

I am a rational Malaysian First! Are you?


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