BUKIT LANJAN: Pek Moh thanks voters for their friendly response

A friendly Bandar Sri Damansara resident takes a selfie with Pek Poh Bukit Lanjan

BUKIT LANJAN: Pek Moh thanks voters for their friendly response

In his walkabout in Bandar Sri Damansara this morning (April 30), Pek Moh was pleasantly surprised with the friendly response from voters.

“I was expecting a tough and hostile response from voters but it was not so,” he told Pulse Of Bukit Lanjan after his hour-long walkabout.

Barisan Nasional-Gerakan (BN-Gerakan)’s Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff is locked in a straight electoral battle with two-term incumbent assemblyman Elizabeth Wong who was also a state executive councillor.

Syed Razak, a businesssman, said: “I will keep my campaigning clean and free from personal attacks or gutter politics.

“Since this is my maiden attempt at seeking election to public office, I am determined to start my political career on a correct footing.

“I will only campaign to convince Bukit Lanjan voters why I am the right man for the job. My election tag line is Let Bukit Lanjan Soar: Vote For A Safer, Cleaner And United Community.

“I sincerely believe that is the responsibility of an assemblyman. I believe my mission is doable or achievable, aimed at raising the quality of life of communities.

“I also do not believe in using rhetoric that is difficult to fulfil. And that is why I have also made a Statutory Declaration to the voters of Bukit Lanjan to serve with dedication and effectively, if elected.

“I have also declared to go back to the voters, if elected, in two years upon my swearing-in as an assemblyman with my service report card.

“I will commission a poll, to be conducted by a non-political and independent pollster, to determine whether my performance is at least 51% satisfaction level.

“If I fail to get that 51%, I will resign and let the voters elect someone else. I am not afraid to face the voters because they are my employer.

“They are the ones who voted me, so they are the ones who will judge me,” he added.

Here’s a selection of pictures taken at the walkabout:







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