BUKIT LANJAN: Cops turning rogue is no small matter!

Members of Malaysia’s General Operations Force control a checkpoint on the road near where an abandoned camp was discovered in the jungle close to the Thai border at Bukit Wang Burma in northern Malaysia. Photograph: Damir Sagolj/Reuters
Malaysian police arrest own officers over involvement in migrant death camps
Authorities say two officers are being investigated for aiding people smuggling as the government faces criticism it failed to act to stamp out networks and camps. Malaysian authorities said on Thursday they were investigating official complicity and links to the shocking discovery of a network of people-smuggling camps and mass graves hidden in the jungle. Deputy home minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said two police officers had been arrested, fuelling long-standing criticism by rights groups over a lack of action against alleged official involvement in the illicit trade. “Two police officers who are suspected of involvement in transporting the people from Myanmar [Burma] have been arrested,” he told reporters in Wang Kelian, the Malaysia’s border town near the discovery of the camps. He declined to comment on whether more police officers might be involved, saying authorities would “investigate everybody and anybody”. He also said several Rohingya who were already in Malaysia were arrested for helping to recruit migrants to the country. Malaysia announced this week it had uncovered 28 camps deep in the jungle in the country’s north, close to the Thai border, and 139 grave sites scattered around the area … for more, go to https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/28/malaysian-police-arrest-own-officers-over-involvement-in-migrant-death-camps

BUKIT LANJAN: Cops turning rogue is no small matter!

It was a really very disturbing news that 10 policemen have been detained for allegedly robbing foreign workers in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

If the 10 cops are found guilty, the law must not show mercy.

“They are trained and armed to uphold the law and to protect society. Instead, they turned rogue. No mercy for them, please,” Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff said.

He said cops going rogue against the law “is nothing new in Malaysia”.

“There have been many cases of cops turning to robbery and murder for whatever reason and this case won’t be the last.

“However, the Polis di-Raja Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police Force or PDRM) must seriously look into its recruitment procedure, especially in assessing the discipline of its recruits.

“One way to cut down on the possibility of putting such rogue cops on the street is to devise a monitoring system on the reliability and discipline of trainees.

“They should be dropped from training if they fail the monitoring system,” he added.

One of the accused being led out of the court room after claiming trial to the charge.
Inspector among 5 cops who claim trial to extortion charges
August 18, 2017, Friday Anasathia Jenis, reporters@theborneopost.com
KUCHING: A police inspector was among five policemen who claimed trial to extortion charges at the Sessions Court here yesterday. Inspector Joslin Savantil, 53, from state police headquarters (administration department) and Corporal Muhamad Mustaqim Che Ismail, 31 from the Kuching District police operation room were accused of extorting money from the proprietor of a grocery shop in Matang. They allegedly extorted RM2,000 from the complainant who allegedly sold illegal cigarettes about 8.30pm on Aug 3. In another court room, Joslin was jointly charged with Lance Corporal Mohd Aslan Rasgan, 32, and Lance Corporal Mohd Noor Faiz Khaliddi, 25, who are attached to the police operation room and D4 unit respectively, for allegedly committing a similar offence at a convenience store in Batu Lintang about 12.30pm on July 31 … for more, go to http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/08/18/inspector-among-5-cops-who-claim-trial-to-extortion-charges/

Syed Razak, who is Gerakan’s nominee to contest N.37 Bukit Lanjan in the coming 14th General Electioon (GE14), said the PDRM should also study all the cases of cops going rogue to determine the reason for such behaviour.

“The reasons will help PDRM understand its men in uniform better and also implement measures to eradicate individuals from going rogue,” he added.

Here’s what was posted by The Star Online:

"Ten cops detained for allegedly robbing foreign workers in Setapak
Thursday, 15 Mar 2018
8:09 PM MYT
by farik zolkepli

KUALA LUMPUR: Ten policemen were detained for allegedly robbing foreign workers during an operation in Air Panas, Setapak, here last week.

The policemen allegedly committed the offence while inspecting a few housing units at about 8.30pm last Friday (March 9).

During the inspections, two of the residents - a 62-year-old labourer and his wife - managed to show valid identification documents.

Satisfied, the police personnel then moved to inspect a neighbouring unit and detained an Indonesian man and woman for not having valid documents.

Sources said another resident sought the assistance of the 62-year-old labourer who agreed to pay RM2,000 to secure the release of the Indonesian duo.

The labourer then returned to his home to take RM2,000 in cash from his cupboard, which also contained an additional RM2,900 and jewellery.

He took the cash and handed it over to the police personnel.

However, upon his return home, the labourer discovered that the RM2,900 cash, 10 gold rings, two gold necklaces along with four gold bracelets were missing.

The labourer lodged a report at the Setapak police station.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun on Thursday confirmed the arrests of the 10 police personnel.

“We have already detained the police personnel involved and further action has been carried out by the Kuala Lumpur police,” he said.



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